Shanghai Zhixin Patent Agent Ltd., formerly Shanghai East China Patent Office, was established in 1985. It is the second foreign-related patent agency in Shanghai designated by the State Intellectual Property Office entrusted by the State Council. It is also a trademark agency approved by the Trademark Office of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce.
Shanghai Zhixin Patent Agent Ltd. has more than 30 professionals in various fields, including more than 10 professionals with patent and trademark agency qualifications and 4 professionals with litigation agent qualifications, and has a permanent office in Beijing. Among the professionals in various business fields of Shanghai Zhixin Patent Agent Ltd., there are not only veteran agents who have been engaged in patent work since the inception of China's patent system in 1985, but also young agents who have joined the company in recent years. Their professional fields involve semiconductor and microelectronics technology, communication engineering, laser technology. Technology, computer science, mechanical automation, biotechnology and other high-tech fields. Shanghai Zhixin Patent Agent Ltd. adheres to the concept of respecting intellectual property rights and serving customers wholeheartedly. It always focuses on the field of intellectual property rights and strives to provide customers at home and abroad with first-class, fast, timely and stable and thoughtful service.
The company's main business is to represent domestic and foreign legal persons or natural persons for patent applications, trademark registration and various legal affairs in the field of intellectual property rights for customers. At the same time, it also provides patents and technical consultation, licensing trade, technology transfer and other services for customers.